When decision-making is critical, get a PULSE™!

Surface Logging with PULSE™

With increased risks and concerns over wellbore stability, operators demand the highest quality surface logging equipment on the drilling rig. Petrolog Ultra Logging System for Evaluation. (PULSE™) is the solution for the most advanced surface logging technology in the oil and gas industry. The versatility of PULSE™ offers complete and thorough well analysis for formation and reservoir evaluation, geopressure detection, and rig monitoring, both onsite and offsite.

PULSE™ is completely independent of the drilling rig, giving our customers the advantage of accurate data with minimal down time. Whether utilizing the basic features of PULSE™  or the addition of the full suite of available information and options, including real-time data transmission, PetroLog's long list of satisfied customers have relied on the accuracy of PULSE™ for critical decisions. 

Based on its diverse options and state-of-the-art features, the comprehensive analysis available with PULSE™ offers a user-friendly system with valuable information just a PULSE™ away.