PetroLog Services

PetroLog is a prime leader in the oil and gas industry, offering comprehensive wellsite evaluation services to customers ranging from small independents to major integrated oil companies.  By utilizing PetroLog’s service lines for one or all of their wellsite needs, customers receive the highest level of service by our availability of the most current technology and equipment, as well as highly-trained engineers. The versatility of our services offer an array of benefits for geological, petrophysical, and engineering applications.  From formation evaluation to drilling optimization, PetroLog has over 55 years of experience in providing the ideal solutions to specific customer needs with the following service lines:

Mudlogging - Onshore, Inland, Offshore (Shelf, Deepwater, Ultra-deepwater)

Gas Detection - One Man or Unmanned 

Geopressure Evaluation - Comprehensive Pre Drill, During Drilling and Post Drill analysis

Rig Monitoring - Continuous observation and recording of all depth and time-based drilling parameters.