PetroLog Deepwater™

Large hydrocarbon reserves lying below thousands of feet of water and miles of hard rock, thick salt and tightly packed sands describes the deepwater arena.

PetroLog understands that drilling in such severe and expensive environments brings exposure to many unknown challenges and risks.  Emphasizing the priorities of communication, technology, early kick detection, and data integrity, we have combined our years of deepwater experience and advances in offshore software into Petrolog Deepwater™.

Offering the best solutions in high profile, deepwater environments, Petrolog Deepwater™ merges the finest monitoring and evaluation services available, yielding concise and reliable information to our customers in real time.  PetroLog's deepwater and ultra-deepwater customers include Freeport-McMoRan Oil and Gas, Chevron, Shell, BHP and Noble Energy.

From semi-submersibles to drillships, PetroLog brings a wealth of experience to deepwater drilling.  Contact a PetroLog representative today for more details about Petrolog Deepwater™.