In today’s oil and gas industry, it is necessary to use geosteering technology to maximize productivity of directional drilling. Geosteering’s technology, real-time evaluation, and identification of reservoir layers allows directional wellbores to adjust trajectory to underground environments such as reservoir dipping beds, faults and fractures. PetroLog’s team will communicate with geological and engineering groups to conduct a thorough review of well goals and needs.

PetroLog’s imaging services report the real-time measurements necessary to keep the wellsite team on schedule, reducing drilling risks and optimizing wellbore positioning. PetroLog's geosteering reports keep drills in the most productive zones with the least amount of conflict. Incoming downhole data, rig information and mudlogging samples are continuously monitored and reported at regular intervals to keep customers informed of potential problem areas. Reports are tailored to the customer’s needs so that the most up-to-date information for making critical decisions is received timely and accurately.